Stay Metrics & Luma Offer Free Training for CVSA Roadcheck 2019

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New learning module focuses on Level 1 inspections, steering, and suspension


South Bend, IN. May 14— Stay Metrics, the leading provider of driver retention tools for motor carriers, has teamed up again with Luma, a learning and instructional design company, to offer the transportation industry free training for the upcoming International Roadcheck 2019 72-hour inspection blitz.

Roadcheck 2019 Training Available from Stay Metrics and Luma

Every year, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) significantly increases the number of Level 1 inspections it conducts in a three-day period. This year, approximately 17 vehicles will be inspected every minute on June 4-6.

Each year has an area of emphasis. Stay Metrics and Luma are providing a complimentary eNugget®, an online learning module and assessment, that prepares drivers, fleet managers and other stakeholders for Level I roadside inspections and this year’s special emphasis on steering and suspension.

Free Roadcheck 2019 Training Available to All

The Roadcheck 2019 eNugget® is available during all of May and June at It is optimized for viewing on any desktop or mobile device. No login or registration is required.

“For the third consecutive year, we are pleased to offer complimentary training for the transportation industry to prepare for CVSA Roadcheck,” said Tim Hindes, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Stay Metrics. “We encourage everyone to use and to share this valuable resource to learn and retain essential safety and compliance information.”

We encourage everyone to use and to share this valuable resource to learn and retain essential safety and compliance information.

During 2018 CVSA Roadcheck, North American inspectors conducted 67,502 Level I, II, or III inspections, an increase from 62,013 in 2017. Last year, 21.6% of vehicles and 3.9% of drivers were placed out of service, a slight decrease from 2017.

Since 2016 when Stay Metrics and Luma began providing complimentary eNuggets® for CVSA Roadchecks, the learning modules have been accessed by 9,092 people, of which more than 3,400 have completed assessments.

More Training Modules Available

Stay Metrics and Luma offer a full collection of eNugget® training modules to motor carriers through the online DRIVE SAFE program. Stay Metrics clients use the program to provide drivers with ongoing training that is highly effective and rewarding.

DRIVE SAFE training modules are based on learning science and use a combination of video, animation, text audio and interactive game elements that cater to the unique learning preferences of truck drivers.

Drivers can leave anonymous feedback and rate the modules, which Luma uses to optimize the learning experience for drivers. Drivers consistently give high ratings to DRIVE SAFE eNuggets®. On average, drivers give the eNugget®s a 4.41 rating out of a 5-point scale

To date, drivers of Stay Metrics’ clients have earned more than 135,000 awards for completing DRIVE SAFE training modules. Awards can be coupled automatically with points using the Driver Rewards platform that Stay Metrics administers for motor carrier clients to recognize drivers for training and many other types of positive behaviors, achievements, and milestones.

About Stay Metrics

Stay Metrics helps motor carriers realize Retention. Not Regrets. Its industry-leading retention toolkit includes onboarding, exit, and annual satisfaction surveys as well as a fully features online rewards platform. Robust reporting tools, targeted driver intervention opportunities, and insightful client support teams all give carriers actionable data on what is causing turnover in their driver workforce and what changes might reduce it. These tools help drive down expenses, foster fleet growth, and improve the lives of drivers.

About Luma

Luma “Brighter Learning” was built to deliver measurably better education outcomes. Luma has been in the education field for over 20 years and has been helping drivers learn for the past six. Luma conducts research on drivers’ learning preferences so we can provide the best possible learning experience for them. Luma’s products DRIVE SAFE, DRIVE FIT and DRIVE FIRST® are all grounded in learning science. We understand that different carriers and drivers have different needs, so we work with carriers to customize their learning environments.