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Workplace Culture Leads in 2020

by Kate-Madonna Hindes on February 14, 2020

Lately, I’ve been proud to see posts on Linked In showing care and consideration. While some call it Christianity and others humanism, we can probably all agree that the healthiest workplaces put compassion and respect first.  Living my values out-loud is one reason I'm so honored to partner with other businesses and organizations that want to put drivers first--creating a ripple effect in our economy and communities.  - Tim Hindes, CEO and co-founder, Stay Metrics How does this impact talent acquisition and retention? We know that people flock to companies when they can see and feel this love in action.…
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Commentary: Trucking’s growing more diverse — and fleet culture should reflect that

by Commerical Carrier Journal (CCJ) on December 18, 2019

The population of truck drivers in our country is more diverse than it has ever been before. People from all walks of life, every race or ethnicity, are finding their careers in trucking, even as the number of white males (the longtime core demographic of trucking) is diminishing. This diversity will continue to increase.

Currently (with some notable exceptions), transportation companies operate out of a “company-centered” culture. In this model, the needs of the company are critical, and the employees exist only to meet the organization’s needs.

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