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A Q+A From Italy: What the US Trucking Industry Can Learn About COVID-19

by Kate-Madonna Hindes on March 23, 2020

As our industry faces unprecedented challenges, Stay Metrics has sought out information and opinions from others in our space. Piero Savazzi, Communication Advisor & Territorial Offices Coordinator c/o FIAP & CSI Broker Srl recently agreed to answer questions related to trucking and COVID and what is impacting the trucking industry overseas. Q - What are the difficulties that the sector has faced and what other difficulties is it still facing? A - The difficulties are manifold. I will try to summarize the most obvious ones. From an organizational point of view: Companies need to change their behavior internally, both for…
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Tech roundup: new predictive tools make inroads

by on April 3, 2020

Driver retention firm Stay Metrics announced a partnership with Predictive Index to be a reseller of its behavioral assessment tool in the transportation industry.

Tim Hindes, CEO of Stay Metrics

As a reseller, Stay Metrics is expanding its scope of services beyond offering driver surveys and rewards platforms. The company is now offering a service to predict the success of job applicants for positions and to determine where to move employees in an organization to find the best fit.

Tim Hindes, co-founder and chief executive officer of Stay Metrics, commented that in his 35-year career in business, “this is the first time I’ve seen a tool that truly optimizes talent and I’m very excited to explore what this means for our industry as a whole.”

The tool is utilized for more than 8,000 employers worldwide. It measures employee motivation using assessments that allow each employee’s answer to be infused with behavior and their own unique style to gain insight into commitment, opportunities for growth and retention.

Hindes says the tool will help the transportation industry do a better job of raising effective leaders from within while recruiting the best leaders outside the organization in sales, operations, recruiting and executive positions.

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