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High Turnover? There Is a Solution

by Ray Haight on May 15, 2019

I was asked some weeks ago if I would be interested in becoming a regular blogger for the good people at Stay Metrics. I must admit to being a little slow to respond to the offer, the reason being that although I enjoy writing it does not come easy to me and it can be time-consuming. If it was not for the topic of driver retention being so near and dear to my heart and wholeheartedly believing in Stay Metrics’ mission, this would not be a preoccupation that I would normally pursue. I am grateful, all the same, to be…
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Stay Metrics offering free Roadcheck training

by Overdrive on

Truck drivers looking to brush up on what inspectors will be looking for in June’s International Roadcheck inspection blitz can do so through a free training module offered by Stay Metrics and educational company Luma.

The companies’ Roadcheck 2019 eNugget training module is available herethroughout May and June. It is optimized to be viewed on any desktop or mobile device.


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