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Recipe for Retention: Use Orientation to Make Driver Settlement Process Crystal Clear

by Jerry Scott on November 22, 2019

Once a driver has been recruited, attended orientation and begins driving, take-home pay not meeting expectations out of the gate is a leading cause of early turnover.  We have seen hundreds of comments from drivers that the settlement process is confusing and that they don’t understand what ends up in their pocket and why.  And they can’t get understandable or timely answers. Accurately explaining driver pay in recruiting is just the first step.  In orientation, for most carriers, there is finally time to give explanations and training on how the system will really work. Strategy One: Hear from Driver Settlement…
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Stay Metrics research finds what why drivers most likely to give referrals

by Commercial Carrier Journal (CCJ) on November 20, 2019

Stay Metrics, which provides driver retention tools for motor carriers, has new research identifying the top 5 reasons why drivers will make referrals within the first 90 days on the job.

“Attracting new drivers is difficult across the trucking industry, making referrals from current drivers more important than ever,” said Allyson Smith, a Stay Metrics data analyst who compiled the list. “The results of our latest research project highlight the aspects of work that most influence a driver’s decision to refer their carrier to another driver.”

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