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5 Tips to Improve Truck Driver Retention

by Stay Metrics on September 15, 2020

Driver retention is constantly on the minds of many trucking carrier executives. As COO of Stay Metrics, I am always thinking about retention for our clients and how we can help them change culture so more drivers stay. Outside factors like the economy, the current COVID pandemic and driver availability will impact a carrier’s ability to retain drivers, but there are a number of factors within your control as well. While driver pay is certainly critical, there are other ways to increase commitment from your fleet. All carriers are different in their approach to driver satisfaction, commitment and retention, but…
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Stay Metrics CEO Tim Hindes Featured On FreightWaves’ Podcast

by FreightWaves on September 14, 2020

Listen to CEO Tim Hindes discuss his views on current trends and issues in trucking on the Drilling Deep podcast.

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