Drive Safe and Drive Fit Training

Stay Metrics provides two services, Drive Safe and Drive Fit, to address truck driver safety and wellness

Equipping your fleet for the most challenging aspects of commercial driving: Truck Driver Safety And Wellness

There are many challenges to being a commercial driver, but some of them can be eased through effective training.

  • Safety is critical in the transportation industry. Getting drivers trained and reinforcing the key skills needed to operate a commercial vehicle safely can be a daunting task.
  • Wellness, likewise, is a big challenge for commercial drivers. How can you make sure your drivers have effective strategies to stay fit and eat well on the road?

To address these challenges, we partnered with Luma, a leader in e-learning technology, to bring carriers the Drive Safe and Drive Fit series of interactive training modules. These innovative online lessons are designed to keep drivers’ attention and help them remember what they learned.

Online training that works for you

Carriers decide what topics they would like to use each month, and our team takes care of the rest. Drivers only need to click the convenient link on their rewards homepage to get started. Our team reminds them each month when new training is available.

Training doesn't stop at orientation

  • Drive Safe includes modules on backing safety, avoiding loss-of-control crashes, slips, trips, and falls, and winter driving safety.
  • Drive Fit, which focuses on driver wellness, has modules on maintaining healthy blood pressure, basics of diabetes, financial wellness, and exercising with limited equipment.

Combining these two tracks ensures your drivers are getting monthly refreshers on important safety topics and ways to stay healthy on the road (the benefits of which are explained in this blog post).

Best of all, drivers automatically receive Stay Metrics rewards points upon completion based on their quiz score. No need for your team to report it!

Find out more about how Stay Metrics and Luma can help you reinforce important truck driver safety and wellness lessons at your carrier and enhance your rewards program experience by contacting a consultative account executive.