Ongoing Driver Satisfaction Survey

Ongoing driver satisfaction surveys from Stay Metrics Stay Ahead Platform

Get a Pulse on the Fleet!

Completing a driver satisfaction survey on a phone.We know you, as a motor carrier, compare yourself to competitors in terms of on-time deliveries and other metrics related to customer satisfaction. But, because finding and keeping great drivers is such a challenge today, how you compare in terms of driver satisfaction is just as critical to establishing your business advantage.

Our Stay Ahead™ Ongoing Driver Satisfaction Survey tells you what drivers are thinking in a wide variety of areas, some of which they may have never been asked before.

Find out how satisfied drivers are with pay, fellow drivers, recruiters, dispatchers, and more. We also show you what is motivating your drivers, whether it is engagement, commitment, stress, or others. Finally, you find out how many drivers in your fleet are beginning to think about leaving.

Let every driver have a voice.

Our data analysts examine your drivers’ responses and find patterns in the data. Our client relationship managers then go through this data with you so you have actionable ideas for your carrier, not just general advice.

We Don’t Stop There, Though.

Find out how you stack up to your competitors.

We compare your drivers’ level of satisfaction in all our surveyed areas with competitors in your sector (e.g. van, flatbed, tanker, etc.). You will have an idea of where you are outperforming your peers and where you have room to catch up.

Why the Driver Satisfaction Survey Works

A sample report from the driver satisfaction survey.

In our experience, the loudest voices tend to be heard unless there’s a system in place that lets everyone contribute. Just because one driver has an isolated problem doesn’t mean your entire fleet is concerned about that area.

We run the numbers and give you the real picture of what factors are causing the most impact, positively or negatively, among your drivers.

Consider pairing the Ongoing Driver Satisfaction Survey with a Stay Metrics Rewards Program. Giving drivers points for completing the survey is a proven way to increase completion rates. Your drivers will become more engaged with your company as a result.

Find out all the benefits of the Ongoing Driver Satisfaction Survey by scheduling an initial conversation with our account executives today.

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