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Trucking executives unsure what to do about their low driver retention rate.

EXPL Trucking has a problem …
drivers are leaving.

Their recruiters are struggling to keep trucks filled, and the CEO is looking for answers. “How can we address the needs of our best drivers?” the team asks. “How can we make them feel recognized for their efforts?” “We need a driver retention solution, and we need it fast!”

Stay Metrics - Driving Retention.

The team’s solution: partner with Stay Metrics for their driver surveys and rewards program.

They heard about carriers transforming their culture after getting the data they needed from Stay Metrics and thought it would work at EXPL.

They prepare their drivers to launch the program, and one of their drivers, Pat, is particularly interested in seeing what kinds of rewards she can earn with the program.

Surveys Can Help You Keep A Pulse On Driver Retention.

The first step toward finding their driver retention solution was using Stay Metrics exit surveys to find out what drivers leaving EXPL are saying.

Stay Metrics, as a neutral third party, gets honest answers from EXPL’s exiting drivers and communicates this feedback back to the team using innovative reporting tools.

They get some great ideas on how to improve and start building their plan.

After the program is launched, Pat excitedly reviews all the ways she can receive points and what she can redeem them for! Not only could she get her choice of thousands of high-quality merchandise rewards, but also travel options. She logs in each day for a daily trivia question and each month for Stay Metrics’ Drive Safe and Drive Fit training modules, offered in partnership with Luma. She even gets a few applause awards from her dispatcher for going above and beyond!

Pat is beginning to feel appreciated and recognized to be part of EXPL Trucking

Recognize Your Best Drivers.

One day, Pat pulls into a truck stop and meets Alex.

Alex is a driver with HYN Trucking, and he is looking to make a switch. Pat tells Alex all about the rewards program at EXPL. “This rewards program is the real deal. It makes me feel appreciated for my work,” she says.

Alex is convinced. He contacts EXPL and asks for the job. He is hired and makes sure they know it was Pat who referred him.

Alex goes through orientation and gets onto the road for EXPL Trucking.

Shortly after he starts, he gets a message from Stay Metrics, requesting he fill out a survey about his early expectations for EXPL.

Alex completes the survey. He notes that some things were unclear from orientation. He needs to know more about the safe driving incentive, as the requirements were not clear.

EXPL receives an intervention alert from Stay Metrics. They get the safety director on the phone with Alex. He clarifies the incentive, and Alex is impressed with EXPL’s responsiveness.

About two months later, Stay Metrics reaches out again with the early driving experience survey. This survey helps to identify any new issues that have come up during the early days of a driver’s experience with EXPL.

Alex is still generally happy with EXPL, but he does indicate that he thinks another route would be better for him. Stay Metrics sends another intervention request to EXPL, and his dispatcher gives him a call to let him know that route was open and he could switch to it.

Alex is really feeling heard and valued now!

Keep drivers satisfied to increase driver retention.

Once Alex is on the job for 90 days, Pat receives a big point award for referring him.

Pat is beginning to think about where she would like to take her vacation with her points!

After a few more months, it is time for EXPL’s Annual Driver Satisfaction Survey. This survey goes out to all drivers, including Pat, and asks questions about a wide range of aspects of working for EXPL. Pat completes her survey and enjoys a nice point bonus! Once the Annual Survey is closed and analyzed, EXPL brings together the whole management team to hear the results during their Stay Metrics Quarterly Review Call.

Stay Metrics lets EXPL know that drivers are enjoying the changes they are making as a result of feedback from the exit and onboarding surveys they have been receiving.

However, maintenance is the area where there is the greatest opportunity to improve. Drivers do not think they are getting the maintenance they need as quickly as they expect. Comparing EXPL’s survey to competitors in their sector, Stay Metrics knows that their drivers are unhappier with this area than drivers at comparable carriers.

EXPL makes plans to improve in this area. Drivers begin noticing the difference and feel that they have been heard!

A trucking executive and two drivers having open communication, promoting driver retention

After implementing Stay Metrics driver retention solutions, EXPL is seeing their fleet grow!

The CEO is telling his team to get more trucks and more contracts because they have the drivers to handle it.


Communication With Drivers Is Key To Driver Retention.
Alex, meanwhile, is stopping at a truck stop and talking to Jordan. He tells Jordan, “Hey, you should come to EXPL with me. They’re really listening to drivers! And there’s an awesome rewards program, too!” Jordan is picking up the phone right now.

And Pat … Pat is relaxing on the beach after redeeming her points for a Caribbean vacation.

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