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After years of working in the trucking industry, Stay Metrics co-founders Tim Hindes and Kurt LaDow knew carriers across the industry had a problem: retention. Every sector of the industry was running into similar issues getting and keeping drivers, and Tim and Kurt had a hunch it would get worse.

Stay Metrics co-founders Tim Hindes and Kurt LaDow

Since Stay Metrics began in 2012, driver turnover has continued to be a problem, and in recent years, a growing shortage of qualified drivers has only magnified the issue. Faced with this unprecedented challenge, carriers need more data than ever to respond effectively.

Partnering with top academic talent, Stay Metrics developed a wide range of powerful tools that gather actionable data carriers can use to improve their operations in exactly the ways drivers want to see.

Pairing this data with a driver-centered incentive and rewards program gives carriers an edge in the competition to retain drivers.

Curious how it works? Read the story of a typical carrier client and how they improve retention with our toolkit.


Today Stay Metrics works with some of the best carriers in the industry.

  • 17% of the top 100 for-hire fleets in the nation work with Stay Metrics
  • 30% of the top 20 Best Fleet to Drive For are Stay Metrics clients, including the two overall winners
  • Our clients are safe, too, with several finalists for the TCA Fleet Safety Award

Stay Metrics helps them understand their drivers’ needs, make changes that set their company up for retention, and create meaningful personal connections with drivers to build loyalty.

The power of culture

We think building a company with a great retention record is all about culture. We help carriers build driver-centric cultures that attract and keep the best drivers.

And we live it ourselves, too. Stay Metrics has been recognized as one of the best workplace cultures in our region.

We invite you to explore how our tools can work for each person in your company: drivers, managers, recruiters, safety, finance, and, of course, the owner, CEO, or board.

Stay Metrics Senior Leadership Team
The Stay Metrics Senior Leadership Team