Top 5 Areas that Make Drivers Refer You


What makes a driver refer a carrier? Do you know? If you don’t, how valuable would it be for you to know?

Two men drinking coffee at a table. Text: Top 5 Areas that Make Drivers Refer You

Find Out the Top 5 Areas that Make Driver Refer You to Other Drivers

We thought this information would be valuable, too! That’s why after our recent research piece on what factors cause turnover within 90 days, we thought it would be helpful to turn this question on its head. Instead of asking what makes drivers upset enough to leave a carrier, we examined our data to find what makes drivers happy enough to tell other drivers to join your carrier.

We are presenting these findings as a free report available to anyone. Just fill out the short form below and you’ll immediately get the PDF report. In addition, we’ll send it via email in case you’d rather read later.

Here’s what you’ll find:

  • The top five questions on our Early Driving Experiences Survey that correlate to driver willingness to refer.
  • What drivers who are willing to refer said most often in their comments versus what drivers who were unwilling to refer said.
  • A few ideas to use this information at your carrier.

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