Onboarding Surveys

According to our research, more than 73.1% of drivers in the Stay Metrics database who left in 2018 had less than one year of tenure at their carriers. Likewise, 38.8% of these drivers had less than 90 days of tenure.

Drivers just joining you are the most at-risk drivers in your fleet. Our research finds a strong correlation between retention and a driver’s satisfaction with recruiters and dispatchers. These relationships help drivers set their expectations for their new job.

What if there were an easy way to find out what expectations each driver comes in with and how well they match reality?

The best way to know: ask your drivers.

Onboarding Surveys help carriers find out what drivers think at critical stages of their onboarding experience.

  • The Orientation Survey is typically given about 7 days after a driver is hired and identifies any early problems the driver might have or if anything is still unclear for them.
  • The Early Driver Experience Survey is given about 6-8 weeks after hire. This survey follows up on drivers’ expectations. It provides insight into any issues that have arisen in the critical first few weeks on the job.


Both onboarding surveys provide you with a powerful tool to prevent individual drivers from leaving. Based on drivers’ responses or if they indicate that they need assistance in some way, an automated trigger is sent to key personnel in your company. They can then follow up with the driver to clarify or help them.

Why let a simple misunderstanding stand in the way of your company and a great driver?

This powerful intervention tool helps you proactively respond to drivers’ concerns and shows you are truly listening to what they have to say.

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