Exit Surveys

Exit Surveys as part of the Stay Ahead platformDiscover what causes each departure.

The reasons people choose to leave a job can vary wildly. These can be positive, such as if the employee found their dream job. But they can also be due to issues that could have been prevented by the employer. Finding out what is driving each turnover through an exit survey can help you determine if it indicates wider problems.

However, if the turnover is related to something the company is doing, it’s natural for an exiting driver to soften this criticism. Or they might find another true but not primary reason that reflects less poorly on the carrier.

That’s where a third-party exit survey comes in.

If a third party conducts this survey confidentially, the driver is much more likely to give the full picture. They do not fear “burning bridges” or other forms of reprisal and give better feedback.

Stay Metrics offers this service for motor carriers, reaching out to drivers who leave your company to gather actionable data. You will get regular updates for what appear to be the critical issues driving turnover.

The best way to use exit surveys is to combine them with other sources of feedback.

Carriers that have both exit surveys and onboarding surveys with Stay Metrics on the Stay Ahead™ platform can see how early feedback relates to actual turnover.

Likewise, comparing exit surveys to the Annual Driver Satisfaction Survey helps you prioritize areas to improve because you know which of them correlate to actual turnover.

Exit surveys from Stay Metrics give you crucial insight into why drivers leave.

Stay Metrics wants you to understand the entire driver journey with your carrier. We follow them from onboarding through working for you and then to exit. This big-picture view gives you all the data you need to improve your driver satisfaction and drive down turnover.

And our cloud-based, self-service Reportal presents your data in ways that let you use it.

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