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The rise of women in supply chain & logistics

Case in point, a research paper published by Stay Metrics, South Bend, Ind., found that female drivers tend to be more satisfied in most areas with their carriers, feel less bored by their work and feel more fairly compensated and satisfied with their home/work balance. Female drivers also scored significantly higher in pre-turnover thoughts, which indicates they are less likely to leave their present carriers than male drivers.

“In short, they are more loyal when treated well. Their top turnover predictor is their equipment, which correlates to safety. Give them good treatment, stable earnings and safe equipment and they are likely to stay at higher levels. They are generally safer drivers taking fewer risks and handle procedure and paperwork better,” says Jerry Scott, chief operating officer for Stay Metrics. “I honestly think that in the 25 years that it will take for autonomous vehicles to make a material difference in capacity, women could be the savior of trucking and everything that would mean for supply chain and logistics in general.”

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Stay Metrics, South Bend, Ind.

Bradley Fulton was named director of research and analytics, responsible for leading the company’s survey products and research team. Fulton is an expert in statistics and research methodology, and maintains a wealth of work experience in survey design, analytics, training and consulting with business clients. For more than 10 years, Fulton has worked at a leading healthcare feedback and analytics company known for developing and distributing patient satisfaction surveys.


Research shows lower turnover rate with women drivers

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November 13, 2018

Female drivers tend to be more satisfied in most areas with their carriers, the study says.

Stay Metrics, South Bend, Ind., published a new research paper that attributes critical areas of driver job satisfaction and turnover intent to gender.

This report, “When it Comes to Driver Satisfaction and Turnover Intent, Is There a Gender Difference?”, assesses driver opinions and satisfaction levels on a wide range of areas that correlate with driver retention. […]