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Want happy drivers? Employ women

Heavy Vehicles

November 14, 2018

[…] U.S. based transport industry analysts, Stay Metrics, has found female truck drivers are more often more satisfied in their jobs than male counterparts.

They’re not as bored either, and they are also more likely to feel fairly compensated and satisfied with their home time.

And women truck drivers are also a lot more likely to stick with their employers. […]

Report reveals why truck drivers quit new jobs

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July 13, 2018

[…]About 70% of driver turnover in the U.S. occurs in the first 12 months of employment, however half of those drivers pull the pin within the first three months. Why are they leaving so quickly? Stay Metrics found dissatisfaction with their recruiter was the top reason, followed by issues with their dispatcher. The report speculates that because a recruiter is a driver’s first contact at a new job, in many ways they represent the whole company.

Young truck drivers found no more likely to quit

Heavy Vehicles

June 4, 2018
[…]Stay Metrics found younger drivers are only slightly more likely to leave within the first six months of employment than their middle-aged counterparts. The study included more than 100,000 drivers working for 140 carriers found across every age group nearly 60% of all drivers will leave within that half year period. […]And while drivers aged 21-40 did have turnover rates higher than the average at nearly 69%, that percentage is only up slightly on the 67% of 41-45s handing in their notice.[…]