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They leave because they can

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July 15, 2019

I was listening to a webinar a few weeks ago about the driver shortage. One of the speakers in answering the question, “Why do drivers leave?” gave this answer: “Because they can.” That struck me as simple but profound.

In fact, given today’s low unemployment level, all of your employees have many other options to choose from. 

Where have all the drivers gone?

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October 26, 2018

Now about that truck driver shortage: is there one? Yes? Then how did it happen, and how do you stop it, or at least mitigate it? Mapping out what’s brought things to this point and what carriers need to do now if they want to keep their seats filled is Tim Hindes, founder and CEO of Stay Metrics.

Hindes has been in that seat himself, having started out as a fleet driver and owner-operator, then working through a succession of positions in dispatch, marketing, and as a company executive.

Fleets upping, getting creative with driver pay

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September 18, 2018

[…] There’s been an upward, or more appropriately, downward slide with driver turnover rising higher among large carriers, according to the American Trucking Assns. ATA reported a turnover rate of 94% in the first quarter of 2018, up 20% from the same time a year earlier. “The market is changing,” Stay Metrics’ (CEO, Tim) Hindes says. “Don’t just assume those veteran drivers love you.” […]

Early engagement, certain interactions could be key factors in driver retention: Study

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July 20, 2018

[…]High rates of driver turnover may be leading trucking companies to breeze through the hiring process, since they’re looking to bring on new employees faster. But recruiting the right people and giving them the appropriate information from the start could help keep drivers happy and reduce their likelihood of leaving, according to Tim Hindes, CEO and a co-founder of Stay Metrics.[…]The Stay Metrics study suggests that better communication between the driver and the recruiter and dispatcher “is a fix, but not the cure.” “High-quality recruiter/ dispatcher communication reduces early-stage turnover,” the study authors wrote.[…]

Stay Metrics hires new COO

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January 12, 2018

Stay Metrics has hired Jerry Scott as its new chief operating officer. Scott joins Stay Metrics during a period of significant growth for new clients, employees, products and services, according to the company. He served in various leadership roles in safety, operations and human resources at Towne Air Freight, a less-than-truckload provider, for more than 20 years. I’ve been an avid supporter of Stay Metrics from the beginning. I believe in its mission to change the trucking industry by improving the experiences of drivers,” said Scott.

Carriers take note: Men and women drivers quit for very different reasons

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May 4, 2017

Men leave their carriers mostly because of a lack of home time. Women leave because they don’t feel comfortable in their rigs or believe their equipment may break down….In a recently-released annual survey study about driver turnover, men and women drivers showed many diverse reasons for leaving their companies although they shared some of the same predictors. The survey consisted of 150 questions asked of 12,502 drivers at 78 carriers….”I was surprised that the lack of home time was not an issue for women drivers,” says Tim Hindes, CEO of Stay Metrics, a company that helps carriers retain drivers through analysis of driver data.

Wrapping up the TCA convention

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May 29, 2017

NASHVILLE. The final day of the 2017 Truckload Carriers Association (TCA) annual convention tackled major industry topics, touching on the outlook for the U.S. freight market, examining the potential timeline for automated trucks, and how to attract more women into trucking’s ranks…Ellen Voie, WIT’s president and CEO, moderated the session featuring several top female executives from trucking companies and an equipment OEM: Karen Smerchek, president and owner of Veriha Trucking Inc.; Sherri Garner Brumbaugh, president of Garner Trucking Inc.; Amy Boerger, vice president of the North American engine business for Cummins Inc.; and Lisa Quinn Pate, president and chief administrative officer for U.S. Xpress Enterprises.

Tim Hindes, CEO of Stay Metrics, also served on the panel and noted that nearly two years ago his firm began analyzing its motor carrier data by gender and found that 7.3% of the drivers employed by the fleets Stay Metric tracks are female. “That’s up a percentage point from where we were at last year,” he said.

Truck speed: Finding the ‘sweet spot’

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December 7, 2016

Though the public comment period on the truck speed limiter proposal closes today, many fleets have been limiting their vehicle speeds for years for both safety and fuel economy reasons. Schneider is one of them. And the carrier said it believes it has found its sweet spot.