Stay Metrics and Luma Announce DRIVE SAFE Always Online Driver Training

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New program helps drivers and contractors meet carrier safety requirements


South Bend, IN, June 12, 2018 — Stay Metrics, the leading provider of evidence-based driver feedback, engagement, training, and retention solutions for the transportation industry, announces an extension of the DRIVE SAFE training platform.

The new extension, DRIVE SAFE Always, is a stand-alone online program designed for drivers and contractors to satisfy ongoing safety training requirements of their motor carriers.

“DRIVE SAFE Always gives motor carriers a convenient and effective way to manage the contractual training requirements they have for employee and contractor drivers,” said Tim Hindes, Chief Executive Officer of Stay Metrics. “Drivers can also use the affordable, world-class training platform on their own to advance and to certify their professional skills and knowledge.”

Stay Metrics is partnered with Luma, an instructional design and learning company, to develop the DRIVE SAFE collection of engaging and rewarding training content.

DRIVE SAFE Always is ideally suited for motor carriers that require driver contractors to complete ongoing safety training as part of the anti-indemnity provisions in lease agreements to maintain insurance coverages.

All courses in the DRIVE SAFE and DRIVE SAFE Always platform, called eNuggets®, are based on learning science and are available in a variety of languages. The eNuggets can be customized to match the company-specific policies and procedures of individual carriers.

Drivers can also use the affordable, world-class training platform on their own to advance and to certify their professional skills and knowledge.

“The DRIVE SAFE platform goes far beyond ‘checking the box’ for driver training. We extract the most important safety concepts and use a variety of formats to optimize the learning experience for drivers. We also continuously improve the training using real-time analytics and driver feedback,” said Scott Anderson, Ph.D., and Chief Operating Officer of Luma.

With DRIVE SAFE Always, drivers first complete an Orientation collection of eNuggets. The training continues as drivers earn badges for completing a smaller collection of eNuggets each month organized into themes such as pre-trip inspections.

When drivers log in, they can view the requirements for each badge and track completed badges using the My Dashboard tab.

DRIVE SAFE Always is offered with a free 30-day trial. The monthly subscription starts at $7.50 per driver with a 10 percent discount for purchasing a one-year subscription. Drivers sign up with a personal credit card or fleets can purchase a coupon code for multiple training seats. If drivers leave, fleets can use their empty training seats for replacement drivers.

The DRIVE SAFE Always training program is available at

About Stay Metrics

The Stay Metrics driver engagement platform helps trucking companies engage, rewards and keep their best drivers. Carriers see improved driver retention by using a unique custom-branded loyalty rewards program to recognize driver performance, in combination with driver feedback interviews, surveys, and related research. The platform includes a driver communication and resource hub, in addition to safety and wellness training. Stay Metrics is based at Innovation Park at Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana. Learn more about Stay Metrics at

About Luma

Luma “Brighter Learning” was built to deliver measurably better education outcomes. Luma has been in the education field for over 20 years and has been helping drivers learn for the past five. Luma conducts research on drivers’ learning preferences so we can provide the best possible learning experience for them. Luma’s products DRIVE SAFE, DRIVE FIT and DRIVE FIRST are all grounded in learning science. We understand that different carriers and drivers have different needs, so we work with carriers to customize their learning environments.

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