Stay Metrics Announces Revisions to Client Portal and New Driver Survey Insights

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Interactive dashboards help carriers quickly understand and act on survey results


South Bend, Ind. August 25, 2020 — Stay Metrics, the leading provider of driver retention tools, announces a revised Client Portal featuring interactive dashboards with pre-built data visualizations and workflows that help users quickly interpret, compare and act on survey results.

The revised Client Portal is included with the Stay Ahead platform, a suite of driver survey products that Stay Metrics administers for customers during critical periods of the driver employment lifecycle to gather feedback and insights on job experiences and attitudes.

“The revisions to the Client Portal began with our commitment to a core value — to  ‘never quit getting better,’” said Tim Hindes, Co-Founder and CEO of Stay Metrics. “We’re thankful to the many customers who provided us with valuable feedback that we used to develop new survey insights, features and workflows that will help all types of fleets retain more of their best drivers.”

With the enhanced dashboard, users can view survey results in pre-built visualizations that pinpoint areas of concern and opportunities for improvement. A new Community Rank data visualization uses quintile percentages and shows users the details of how their companies stack up to other motor carriers.

Community Ranks
The new Community Ranks dashboard color-codes the ranking data to indicate which quintile (designated as Bottom, Low Middle, Middle, High Middle, Top) a carrier is placed based on their results by category.

Users can drill down to individual survey responses to see how drivers at their company are more or less satisfied in specific areas like pay, training, communications and equipment.

A separate “intervention dashboard” has workflow tools to put insights from driver responses to the First Impressions and Early Experiences surveys into action. Stay Metrics administers the surveys to drivers, on behalf of clients, around the 7th day and 45th day of employment, respectively.

New driver hires with a high turnover risk are identified by responses that indicate a low level of job satisfaction and commitment. The workflow creates accountability for managing interventions to prevent early turnover by users assigning tasks and updating the status of cases.

Stay Metrics designed the Client Portal to be intuitive for users at all levels, from the C-suite to front-line managers, to consume and act on survey insights to improve driver engagement and retention.

About Stay Metrics

Stay Metrics is a retention strategy firm. We’re passionate about partnering with transportation companies to help them increase driver retention and commitment. Our Stay Ahead™ platform amplifies your driver feedback. It encompasses our suite of driver lifecycle surveys and the Stay Metrics Client Portal, which includes intervention opportunities, customizable reporting tools, and comparative industry data.

In addition, our Driver Rewards platform gives carriers a custom-branded tool to sustain a driver-centric culture based on ongoing appreciation and engagement. The Stay Metrics’ team provides ongoing advice, insights, best-practice ideas, and industry-based research that supports our clients’ ongoing continuous improvement initiatives.

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