Tanker fleet plugs the driver-turnover leak

DC Velocity

April 8, 2019

Trucking companies know that in an era of driver shortages, a sound driver-retention plan is critical to keeping their trucks rolling. It’s easier—and cheaper—to hold onto a trained employee than to recruit and train new ones.

That’s true for firms in every sector of the industry, including tank-trucking companies like Plattsmouth, Neb.-based Liquid Trucking. One of the country’s 30 largest tank-trucking companies, Liquid Trucking serves the continental U.S. and Canada with a fleet of more than 150 tractors and 280 tanker trailers, specializing in agricultural, food-grade, and hazmat shipments.

To attract and keep drivers, Liquid offers well-equipped trucks and a competitive pay structure. However, in 2014, company officials became concerned that Liquid’s turnover rate was out of step with its benefits and culture. Drivers were leaving at a higher-than-expected rate, and the management team didn’t know how to reverse this trend.