Tech, communication improve the driver experience

Liquid Trucking Human Resources Director Jason Eisenman notes that when drivers retire – he says the average age at his carrier is 52 years old – they take all their institutional knowledge with them.

In 2014, management identified a communications gap with drivers and partnered with Stay Metrics to implement Driver Satisfaction Surveys. […]

Drivers earn points through the platform for sharing tips or uploading information, which can include anything from directions to a facility, photos of the receiver or off-loading tips.


Usher partners with Stay Metrics to study driver rewards

Bulk Transporter

April 18, 2019

Usher Transport recently participated in a case study with Stay Metrics, a provider of driver retention tools for carriers, examining its “innovative” strategy for maximizing the results of using driver surveys and rewards.

Usher is a nationwide tank-transport carrier based in Louisville KY that serves customers in the chemical and petroleum industries. This year, the family-run business is celebrating its 73rd anniversary with one of its longest-tenured drivers of 43 years nominated to receive the National Tank Truck Carriers (NTTC) Driver of the Year award.

Driver Data and Its Impact on Retention, with Becca Mathews

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Stay Metrics is one of the top driver retention firms in the industry, tracking driver data and engagement to help carriers decrease turnover
  • What driver satisfaction information was contained in the recently-released “Stay Data Story” press release
  • Why drivers with six months or less in the industry and drivers 41-60 in age seem to have an increased likelihood of leaving their carriers
  • How Stay Metrics gathers the information they track, and why that information is useful to recruiters to clear up any misunderstandings with drivers
  • Becca shares specific examples of how the Stay Metrics information can be used to clarify the carrier’s messaging to drivers
  • How Stay Metrics looks at how drivers view the work they do, the relationships they have at work and their work-life balance
  • Why it is important to help new drivers understand your culture by connecting them with other drivers and build friendships within your company
  • Why drivers not knowing the name of their recruiters is a clear red flag that relationships aren’t being built successfully at your company
  • Why Becca believes a change in how recruiters are paid is coming, and why she believes recruiters are a valuable piece of the retention process
  • What kinds of results carriers are seeing when using Stay Metrics’ data to streamline and improve their recruiting and retention processes

Tanker fleet plugs the driver-turnover leak

DC Velocity

April 8, 2019

Trucking companies know that in an era of driver shortages, a sound driver-retention plan is critical to keeping their trucks rolling. It’s easier—and cheaper—to hold onto a trained employee than to recruit and train new ones.

That’s true for firms in every sector of the industry, including tank-trucking companies like Plattsmouth, Neb.-based Liquid Trucking. One of the country’s 30 largest tank-trucking companies, Liquid Trucking serves the continental U.S. and Canada with a fleet of more than 150 tractors and 280 tanker trailers, specializing in agricultural, food-grade, and hazmat shipments.

To attract and keep drivers, Liquid offers well-equipped trucks and a competitive pay structure. However, in 2014, company officials became concerned that Liquid’s turnover rate was out of step with its benefits and culture. Drivers were leaving at a higher-than-expected rate, and the management team didn’t know how to reverse this trend.

Blue Apron names new CEO, BPI shifts around execs, Cargill promotes agricultural supply chain execs and more

Stay Metrics, South Bend, Ind.

Bradley Fulton was named director of research and analytics, responsible for leading the company’s survey products and research team. Fulton is an expert in statistics and research methodology, and maintains a wealth of work experience in survey design, analytics, training and consulting with business clients. For more than 10 years, Fulton has worked at a leading healthcare feedback and analytics company known for developing and distributing patient satisfaction surveys.


Stay Metrics hires Brad Fulton to lead research, analytics team

Stay Metrics, a provider of driver retention tools for motor carriers, hired Bradley Fulton as its new director of research and analytics, with responsibilities to lead the company’s survey products and research team.

A core value of Stay Metrics is “never quit getting better,” the company said when announcing that the new position and team member further enhances its ability to deliver greater insights and recommendations to motor carriers using its suite of driver survey and feedback products.


Case study details how trucking firm reduced turnover

A trucking company with operations in Grand Junction reduced turnover by nearly a third, according to a case study conducted by a company that helps motor carriers retain staff.

Brady Trucking lowered turnover 31 percent while increasing its driver count 40 percent in 2018, according to Stay Metrics, which partnered with the company.

“We recognize that retention is the key when it comes to our future growth,” said Chuck Johnson, president and chief executive officer of Brady Trucking.

Based in Utah, Brady Trucking operates 350 trucks and a fleet of specialized trailers located at facilities throughout the Rocky Mountain region. The company works with some of the largest oil field services providers in the world.


Stay Metrics-sponsored program recognizes Master Truck Drivers

Stay Metrics, provider of driver retention tools, announces the number of drivers who received the Indiana Motor Truck Association’s Master Truck Driver (MTD) Award in 2019 — the first year of program sponsorship by Stay Metrics — increased by more than two-fold, year over year.

The IMTA MTD Award program recognizes top drivers in the trucking industry for their professional excellence in service and safety. For 2019, the association waived the application fee for carriers due to the support of IMTA Allied Member Stay Metrics, who provided recognition kits for the program that included framed certificates, window decals, and other items with IMTA MTD logos.