Driver Data and Its Impact on Retention, with Becca Mathews

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Stay Metrics is one of the top driver retention firms in the industry, tracking driver data and engagement to help carriers decrease turnover
  • What driver satisfaction information was contained in the recently-released “Stay Data Story” press release
  • Why drivers with six months or less in the industry and drivers 41-60 in age seem to have an increased likelihood of leaving their carriers
  • How Stay Metrics gathers the information they track, and why that information is useful to recruiters to clear up any misunderstandings with drivers
  • Becca shares specific examples of how the Stay Metrics information can be used to clarify the carrier’s messaging to drivers
  • How Stay Metrics looks at how drivers view the work they do, the relationships they have at work and their work-life balance
  • Why it is important to help new drivers understand your culture by connecting them with other drivers and build friendships within your company
  • Why drivers not knowing the name of their recruiters is a clear red flag that relationships aren’t being built successfully at your company
  • Why Becca believes a change in how recruiters are paid is coming, and why she believes recruiters are a valuable piece of the retention process
  • What kinds of results carriers are seeing when using Stay Metrics’ data to streamline and improve their recruiting and retention processes