Working at Stay Metrics



Stay Metrics believes that people come first. It’s in our core values and affects not only how we relate with clients and prospects but how we treat our employees as well.

As a member of the Stay Metrics team, you are encouraged to be your best and truest self in the workplace, and we will stand behind you as you do it. We believe in giving people opportunities to show their talent and, just like we tell our carrier clients to do with their drivers, we make sure to recognize and reward them for this invaluable work.

Stay Metrics offers a casual office environment to work in at a great location near Notre Dame campus and close to downtown South Bend. We offer competitive pay and benefits packages and many additional perks, such as free lunches on Fridays, leaving early all summer on Fridays, and the same rewards program we offer our clients.


Stay Metrics group shot
“Stay Metrics says in its core values that it “passionately puts people first,” and I think they really live it. It’s not just a motto on the door or a feel-good sentence on the website. When you are part of the team, you’re the number 1 priority.” –Anonymous Review