Meet Stay Metrics: COO Jerry Scott

COO Jerry Scott

At Stay Metrics, we passionately put people first, which is seen in the mission of our company and our team’s culture.  Our people are what make our company special, so we want to help you get to know them!

Jerry Scott is our COO and has C-level responsibility for operations, client management, customer service, technology and research/analytics. Jerry has deep trucking industry experience that helps him understand our clients’ challenges. But his main job is teaching everyone how to win. His focus is on company structure, getting the right people in the right seats, developing emerging leaders and teaching how to execute in a healthy and positive way. He is passionate about continuous improvement, servant leadership and stays on a quest to make himself dispensable!

Since the start of the quarantine he has ramped up his exercise program to take advantage of not having to commute to work and in place of the eight or so 5k races he would run in a summer. Plus he and his wife Janet did the mother of all spring cleanings!

Jerry at the “Over the Edge” event

One of his favorite causes is the Youth Services Bureau of St. Joseph County. They serve homeless youth and our team raised $2000 to send Jerry “Over the Edge” to rappel down the side of a building in support of their mission.