Guidelines and references for possible operational choices for the adoption of an anti-contagion protocol.


COVID-19 Emergency Dossier

The objective of this dossier, in addition to being the reference tool of FIAP’s Covid-19 Committee, is to provide the traces that allow companies to initiate the implementation of an “anti-contagion protocol” within their company. An instrument that is considered useful given the need for a more concrete and safe approach to work considering the risks and dangers associated with a health emergency, such as it has been experienced in reality with the COVID-19 disease.

The model approach to the scenario can only take on the typical phases of a “continuous cycle” management model of which PLAN, DO, CHECK, ACT are the keywords.



It is not, in essence, useful and “hygienic”, to use a fitting term, to think that the problems, anomalies, and needs deriving from the management of a crisis such as that related to Coronavirus, in itself extreme, can be managed and resolved with a single action, such as the identification of the people responsible for carrying out an operation (delegation), or the purchase of a product or equipment (technical data sheet). Only a smooth and continuous approach can bring about results that, in terms of safety and quality, give concrete guarantees to employers and their employees, all aware of the overall commitment and effort put in place.

There is no doubt that for those companies that, for example, have already adopted and follow systems and processes certified by third parties, perhaps also for this type of issue, is certainly easier if not immediate, especially in terms of process.

However, it is equally sensible and forward thinking, to grasp the teaching that derives from this experience that “advises” us put the right level of attention on aspects of this nature, of which the underestimation can generate totally unwanted effects and outcomes.

We have included the free full version of these guidelines in a PDF available for download