Workplace Culture Leads in 2020


Lately, I’ve been proud to see posts on Linked In showing care and consideration. While some call it Christianity and others humanism, we can probably all agree that the healthiest workplaces put compassion and respect first. 

Living my values out-loud is one reason I’m so honored to partner with other businesses and organizations that want to put drivers first–creating a ripple effect in our economy and communities.  

– Tim Hindes, CEO and co-founder, Stay Metrics

How does this impact talent acquisition and retention? We know that people flock to companies when they can see and feel this love in action. Are you a leader that believes you are responsible for building a culture that attracts employees and customers. We’d be honored to be your partner and help map out the journey.

The next time you see a post that moves you, check out the positive responses and comments. Humanity is starving for examples of love and compassion in the workplace. And the truth is, change starts with the very leaders of these organizations. Let’s have the courage to live our faith. Let’s live it, Let’s love, let’s inspire.

As a leader, what is inspiring you in your business? I’d love to hear it. Let’s connect.