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Your drivers have a lot to say. 

With our exclusive Stay Index report, companies receive actionable data that gives insights into elevating the bottom line through employee engagement, retention, and more. It’s one of many ways we deliver solutions to allow businesses to keep a pulse on their fleet and a focus on ROI.

Here are three key takeaways from the report:

  • With a rise of female drivers, many companies are not equipped to meet the unique needs of a changing workforce.
  • Men valued pay fairness higher than women while women valued items like trust and culture.
  • Generally, results suggest for both men and women, the ‘people they work with’ and ‘pay fairness’ are two issues that most need improvement and drive commitment.

Hear from our Director of Research and Analytics – Brad R. Fulton

“The data speaks clearly to the fact that men and women are looking for elements that showcase the individuality of drivers- there’s no one size fits all solution.” – Bradley R. Fulton, Director, Research and Analytics, Stay Metrics

As the industry is shifting away from longer routes toward shorter routes, reflecting the movement toward an ‘overnight delivery’ obsessed culture. Drivers may be feeling the pinch in their miles. It may be that, as women are newer to the industry, they may be feeling this pinch more acutely then men, explaining why the topic is more important to them.

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