What to Watch Out for with New Drivers

Top 5 Areas to Watch for New-to-You Drivers

Turnover of new-to-you drivers is a big problem. That’s why we made the “Top 5 Areas to Watch for New-to-You Drivers” report to help you prioritize how you respond.

If you have followed Stay Metrics for long, you know that the Stay Days Table consistently shows that around 60% of drivers leave a carrier within one year on the job. However, that’s only identifying the problem. How do we get to a solution?

Read our free report based to find out:

  • The top 5 survey questions we have found that correlate to turnover within 90 days on the job.
  • The most common words drivers use during their onboarding surveys — an unprecedented way to assess what new drivers think is important.
  • Our top recommendation for what you have to do to keep newly hired drivers.

Read the Report

We hope this report gives you the tools you need to keep drivers to their first year and beyond. Our goal is to equip you to know what to watch out for with new drivers.

That way, you can prevent problems before they happen.

This is not anywhere near all the resources we have to help you with driver loyalty and retention. Want to learn more? Request a conversation with our consultative account executives to find out how Stay Metrics can help you.