Every Day is Driver Appreciation Day!


Have you thanked a driver, TODAY?

It’s the week after National Truck Driver Appreciation Week.
Grills are stored. Banners and balloons taken down.
And things are back to “normal.”
There’s freight to move.

I hope that all of you – whether you are a professional driver or a transportation professional who supports them – were able to partake in our industry’s celebration. It feels right – and good – that we should set aside a special week to honor the professional drivers who keep “moving America forward.”

Our team at Stay Metrics enjoyed hearing about the special events; we know some carriers that really “spoiled’ their drivers. We were excited to see several articles that featured exemplary celebrations. We were proud to have shared a list of creative ideas for Driver Appreciation Week and to see some of these ideas implemented.

For most of us, it was a good week, even a great week.

And it isn’t enough.

We believe that carriers are most successful when they create a driver-centric culture. A culture where drivers feel honored and appreciated 24/7/365. Driver appreciation week is an extension of this appreciation; not a one-and-done event.

I liken this to Mother’s Day. If it is the only day of the year that you shower Mom with love and appreciation, it rings a bit hollow. If it is a culmination of the other 364 days, it is a welcome delight.

Stay Metrics helps carriers show appreciation for their drivers by giving drivers a voice (through a series of surveys) and through a robust rewards program that recognizes drivers daily for their contributions. Just as importantly, we help our carriers use those tools on their journey to create an environment where drivers know and feel how much they are valued.

We would love to hear from you and would welcome the opportunity to partner with you.

And, let me challenge you, can you find a way to thank a driver today? And tomorrow?

Can everyone on your team?

Thanking drivers is a crucial aspect of driver appreciation.

Great habits like this can transform a carrier’s culture for the better, and it all starts with one word of gratitude.