Company Culture and Core Values Translate into Client Benefits


I am a “culture freak.”

If you’ve ever heard me talk, you know that I believe that a company’s culture is a critical element – if not THE critical element – of its success.  I believe in its importance for Stay Metrics, and I believe in its importance for you.

One of my most important jobs as CEO of Stay Metrics is to cultivate and nurture healthy company culture. I don’t do this alone. Every leader is an active participant, working diligently on it with me. (I won’t brag in this blog – but you can read more about our award-winning culture here. Or check out our reviews on Glassdoor or Indeed.)

Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about core values and the role they play in establishing a healthy company culture.  No matter what your business, a set of strong core values can help your entire team stay on the same page.

At Stay Metrics, we have three core values:

Passionately Put People First

Do the Right Thing

Never Quit Getting Better

In the last few weeks, the last one has really stood out to me. Right now, Stay Metrics is in a season of change with new developments on the horizon and new business plans that will keep us moving forward to serve our clients better and better each day.

What does a core value of “Never Quit Getting Better” mean at Stay Metrics, and how does it contribute to our culture? There are at least three key concepts that contribute to our culture and our results:

  1. No one at Stay Metrics is perfect. We all make mistakes. We can be better. Let’s learn from them.
  2. Getting better can mean improving ourselves and/or improving a system. It can come about because of a mistake, or it can come about because we push ourselves in a new direction.
  3. Being the best means a continuous approach to improvement. Change is baked in. Expect it, embrace it.

Every day our team members are asking the question, “Is this as good as it can get right now, or can we do better?” Usually, the answer is, “Yes, we can get better.” Followed by, “So let’s do it!”

“Never Quit Getting Better” Culture in Action

Recently, one of our departments went to our IT department and expressed some of the technological limitations that they felt were holding them back. It turns out, our IT team had a fantastic solution up their sleeve! They just needed to know what the problem was.

New landing page for clients as a result of great company culture of improvement

After just a few meetings between these departments, our team released a new and improved version of our reporting tool that looked and functioned better. And from what I’m hearing, the team is just getting started with the improvements! Stay tuned!

I am proud of this work because it illustrates our core value “Never Quit Getting Better” in a practical way. A problem was identified by one department, brought to another, and the two teams worked together to move forward with a better system for all.

The best part: every single one of our clients will get to experience this upgrade at no additional charge. That’s right, if you are a client reading this and you haven’t logged into your reporting portal in a while, you really should!

What are your core values?

I hope this illustration has shown you the power of strong core values. My intention in sharing this story is to demonstrate how this approach can help you with the issues you face as a company. Core values can drive so much improvement and empower your teams to apply their expertise to solve the problems you are facing.

What are your core values as a business? How have they informed the way you run every aspect of what you do (i.e., your culture)? Does your team know them and practice them in everything they do?

These questions can help you get started on the path to building a strong work culture that accomplishes its goals. If I or any member of the Stay Metrics team can help you in this process or answer any questions you may have, feel free to reach out any time.