7 Factors for Success! What Makes a Successful Client?


Most people think of surveys as a tool, but that logic is a bit flawed. Surveys should be considered the directions or information pamphlet that outlines which tools you need to use to achieve the desired results. This mindset helps you approach Stay Metrics’ programs knowing that they take hard work and dedication. We provide information to our clients on what they are doing well and what areas they need to improve upon to increase driver satisfaction. A successful client uses this information to determine what areas to work on and to drive process improvements.

Having success with the Stay Metrics platform requires effort from both the client and our team at Stay Metrics. We work hard to tailor our analyses to a client’s business model and company goals. Likewise, several actions should be taken by a client to ensure success with our products.

Infographic showing the 7 factors for a successful client at Stay Metrics

Automated Driver List

The driver list is the most important and most often overlooked contribution from the client. Having a thorough and consistent driver list is critical to the success of our surveys. It is important to remember that the quality of the data we provide to you reflects the quality of data we receive in driver lists. Driver lists feed our calling program, telling interviewers when a driver has been hired or terminated and needs to be contacted for a survey. They push driver information to our rewards program, triggering account activation so drivers start earning points. The information that comes to us from the driver list is what determines the filters and breakouts that we use in survey analyses and on the Reportal. To make this easier, we have created an automated process that pulls driver lists from a file-sharing tool and automatically imports them into our database. Just drop the file in or get your IT team involved to automate.

Informed Team

If driver retention is a goal in your company, it should be so ingrained in your culture that it becomes each employee’s goal as well. Informing your team about the surveys is a must for a successful client. Our team will provide informational calls and training on our products. The more people from your team that you can get on these calls the better. Employees will need to talk to drivers about the program so ensuring they are comfortable with and knowledgeable about it is crucial! We recommend that you include orientation leaders, recruiters, dispatchers, safety, and management in these training sessions.

Engaged Team

We provide reports on a weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis. We also hold a survey review call each quarter. Within those reports are several intervention opportunities that your Client Relationship Manager will teach you how to use to intervene to prevent potential turnover. The survey review calls are a time for us to discuss opportunity areas and help you make plans for tackling them. During the onboarding process, put together a team that will own driver retention. This team should interact regularly with the reports, engage in the quarterly review calls, and meet separately to develop action plans, delegate the tasks, and measure progress.

Goals Set

“Success is the progressive realization of a worthy goal or ideal.” —Earl Nightingale

This may seem like a no-brainer, but goal setting is often underestimated and poorly executed. Be sure to set measurable and achievable goals. Share these goals with all your employees, including your drivers, and provide regular progress updates. To create positive change, be sure that team goals and individual goals align with the overall company goals. If you want to reduce driver turnover by XX%, it’s going to take the entire company to do so, not just one team. Sharing these goals with Stay Metrics allows us to tailor our reporting to your needs and ensures we do all we can to help you stay on track. As an added benefit, sharing your goals with us builds a layer of accountability for them.

Communications Plan

A communications plan is one of the 7 factors for a successful client at Stay Metrics

It comes up in surveys time after time, and it’s a common problem across all industries and in every company. Having solid communication plans for rolling out new initiatives and programs can help alleviate this pain. Work with our team during onboarding to create a thorough plan to communicate the surveys and/or rewards program to your employees. We have several tools available, including posters, a welcome letter, brochures, business cards, and email communication. Outline which tools you will be using, who will be responsible for their distribution, at what frequency they will be distributed, and how you will measure the performance of your communication plan. Be sure to include not only how you let your team know about our products but also how you will inform them of the actions you take as a result of feedback.

Informed Drivers

Now, let’s put that solid communication plan to action.

Tell your drivers about the rewards program every chance you get. Be excited, make them excited. It’s free stuff! Take and share photos of drivers receiving items they have purchased from the site. Tell your drivers about the surveys when they are recruited, during orientation, when the Annual Survey opens, and when you’ve produced and executed responses to the results. Driver feedback is the input to our output. Without it, we have nothing to share. Most importantly, always share any positive change that came from survey feedback and driver stories about the rewards program. Employees need to know that you’re listening to their feedback and that you want to hear from them. a

Award Points

Lastly, award those points! During onboarding, our team will work with you to set up an Opportunity Matrix that will include a list of categories drivers can earn points for and what the value of those points will be. These incentives should be used to motivate drivers to increase their performance and safety on the road while also awarding them for going above and beyond.

If you haven’t already, be sure to add Applause Awards. These can be customized to the situation and are a great way to thank a driver who has done more than what was expected of them. Always add a personalized message to your Applause Awards and let your team know that they are being given so they can recognize drivers for great work as well. Everyone loves recognition and these awards are powerful motivators. Sending points to Stay Metrics in a timely and consistent manner will let your drivers know that you’re engaged in the program as well and will get them checking in regularly.

We have seen a lot of successful clients use our surveys and rewards program to drive improvements. We want you to be successful as well! It can be difficult to navigate data collection and analysis, but our team is here to help you every step of the way!

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Nicole Fullone, author of this post.

Nicole Fullone is a Client Relationship Manager (CRM) and Client Services Team Lead at Stay Metrics. She is part of the team that works directly with clients.

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