Usher Transport Success Metrics

Usher Transport, a company that just celebrated 73 years in business and has a 43-year veteran driver in the running for NTTC Driver of the Year, chose to partner with Stay Metrics to reinforce their longstanding commitment to family-centered culture. Using Stay Metrics insights, Usher redesigned the new driver experience and brought in the expertise of veteran drivers. They also use the rewards system to reinforce the overall team spirit and extend the rewards to every person on the team, not just drivers. Everyone at Usher is in it together! Learn their secrets to success and find insights that any carrier can use in our Success Metrics case study.

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“At Usher Transport, our leadership team took time to fully vet not only the Stay Metrics program but how it could foster change within our organization,” said David Guess, Executive Vice President of human resources and safety for Usher Transport. “In short, we were looking for a ‘best practice.’ After examining the logic and data, we were confident the investment in this program would, in fact, produce an ROI far beyond the measurable dollars.”
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