Stay Metrics’ Client Getting Results; Setting Goals


It isn’t every day that one of your sales executives forwards you an email from a client getting results like this. But it is great when they do:

“Not sure I shared the final results, but we reduced turnover 31% in our first year with Stay Metrics! Now we’re going for another huge goal of 20% more in 2019.”

It’s great because it affirms that what we’re doing. It proves the investments we are making into refining and improving our products are working. It’s great because we know our client is using the data we provide to make a real difference.

Most of all, it’s great because this is truly a team win. Every member of our team–from the sales executive that helped them come on board, to the client relationship manager that provides ongoing support, to the data analysts that draw out the patterns in the data—contributed to this client success story.

There will be more to come later on this awesome story. If you’re a carrier that can’t wait to get similar results, though, I invite you to give us a call at 855-867-3533. You can also request a demo to meet with one of our consultative account executives. They will be happy to share with you more about this client and how you also can find success using our retention tools.

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