Fulfilling Wish Lists with Driver Rewards


Motor carriers are among a rare breed of businesses that never shut down completely for holidays. While many drivers will be home for Christmas and New Year’s Day, others will be working all day or night to hit next-day pickup and delivery windows.

Perhaps your company requires drivers to request time off a week or more in advance of major holidays. The nature of the business will invariably cause some requests to be denied, particularly those that come in late.

Time for redemption

While it may be impossible to guarantee time off requests, carriers with generous policies gain more than higher driver job satisfaction. A 2016 study by an academic research team for Stay Metrics found that driver productivity and performance increases in the days and weeks following time off.

Whether or not your drivers will be home for the holidays, one thing you can help them with is checking items off their Christmas lists.

So far in the month of December, thousands of drivers that work for industry-leading carriers have redeemed points on more than $350,000 worth of items from the online Driver Rewards portal. Stay Metrics administers this privately branded portal for motor carrier clients.

In our last blog, we detailed seven of the most popular items that drivers are redeeming points on. But how do they get the points to redeem on these items? Let’s review some of the many options for recognizing drivers and making their wishes come true.

Rewards made easy

The Driver Rewards portal makes it easy for carriers to recognize and reward drivers easily for nearly anything. Many point categories can be awarded automatically. Your drivers can receive points on their birthdays or work anniversaries or when they complete surveys and quizzes. Drivers also get points when they complete safety training.  Carriers just choose monthly training assignments from the DRIVE SAFE and DRIVE FIT collections from Stay Metrics. The rest is automatic!

Driver Wishlists IconVirtually any driver safety and performance metric can be used as a rewards category. Consider giving monthly rewards based on reporting from your telematics systems. Examples include rewarding drivers for having no hard-braking incidents during a month or for hitting fleet targets for fuel economy and on-time performance. Other examples of metric-based rewards include clean DOT inspections, zero HOS violations, and accident-free miles.

Give rewards a personal touch! Fleet managers can give “applause” awards at any time to drivers such as when they receive customer compliments, renew their certifications, or complete other important duties.

The rewards program gives carriers virtually unlimited opportunities to recognize drivers so they feel valued and respected for their time and effort.


The staying power of rewards

The Driver Rewards program avoids letdowns that often arise from cash incentive programs tied exclusively to driver performance. Drivers may feel some criteria used in cash incentives are not entirely in their control. Frustration can mount when payouts fluctuate and go towards paying bills. Consider instead offering a rewards program that gives drivers the items they want, which have real staying power.

And for those drivers who are away from home for the holidays, let them know you appreciate them. Give them points in the rewards program, or if your company does not have one, choose another way to thank them. Being away from home during these celebrations is difficult, and letting drivers know you care goes a long way. It’s easy to take people we work with for granted, but acknowledging their sacrifices for your team helps build long-term, positive relationships.

If we can answer any questions about how carriers are successfully using rewards programs to engage drivers and make them feel appreciated year-round, please give us a call at 1.855.867.3533 or send us a message at https://staymetrics.com/contact/.

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