Turn telematics data into driver rewards & engagement


Telematics impacts fleets and drivers 

When new technology such as telematics systems are used to measure and assess drivers, fleet executives and managers may face resistance from those whose performance they hope to monitor and, in some cases, improve.

Telematics systems, for instance, capture a range of safety and fuel metrics about drivers using data from their vehicles’ electronic control modules and sensors. Video-based safety systems gather additional insights about potentially risky driving behaviors from the events caught on camera.

Motor carriers can compile the metrics from these and other databases into scorecards that give a holistic view of performance. A downside of these and other technologies is that drivers can feel scrutinized or micromanaged.

An upside is this information can be used to reward and recognize drivers for their positive results.

Linking telematics data and driver rewards 

Motor carriers that use the online driver rewards and recognition platform from Stay Metrics have the flexibility to use metrics from virtually any type of driver management system.

Once a reward program is set up, Stay Metrics clients are able to automatically award points to drivers for achievements on a scheduled or ad hoc basis. (The program also allows for recognition of fun events, such as driver birthdays and employment anniversaries.)

Linking the telematics data and driver rewards is accomplished easily. Clients simply send a file of comma-delimited data, organized by driver code and reward categories. Most database systems can quickly produce such reports and send them using file transfer protocol (FTP).

Examples of performance metrics that carriers can reward on a weekly or monthly schedule include fuel mileage, safe driving behaviors, compliance, on-time percentage, productivity and more. For ad-hoc rewards, fleet managers might decide to reward positive results when their data show a driver using good judgment and skill to avoid a dangerous situation caused by another motorist.

Driver and TabletTo increase engagement, the rewards platform sends email notifications to drivers when points are awarded, prompting them to log in regularly and monitor their progress. Drivers can redeem their points towards a selection of more than 40,000 items in an online catalog. To encourage continued engagement, most carriers use the program for a Daily Quiz. Many reward other driver achievements such as completing safety training or receiving customer compliments.

Getting better all the time

Converting existing cash incentives to non-cash rewards may present challenges as drivers may have come to depend on the income. Non-cash rewards programs, on the other hand, give motor carriers a way to sincerely recognize drivers for their contributions to their companies and profession without the income variability. Telematics systems create new opportunities to uniquely promote and reward positive behaviors.

At any time, a new metric can be added to the Stay Metrics platform or an existing metric can be given more emphasis by increasing the available rewards points. As an example, perhaps you include a new metric that has an impact on fuel economy and safety such as following distance or “smooth driving.”

Such a metric may come from a new technology, such a collision warning system, or a new set of data from an existing driver performance measurement system.

To date, Stay Metrics team has worked with clients to create more than 60 reward categories. These reward categories to align the motivation of drivers to achieve status, recognition, and rewards with the “metrics that matter” to their businesses. Our team looks forward to discussing how you can use the reward categories to recognize drivers and achieve your overall company goals. Click here:

As the amount of data continues to grow, so do the opportunities to put it to good use and engage drivers with a win-win strategy for the driver and the carrier.

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